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Wed, May. 5th, 2010, 01:38 pm
Hey, look who it is...

And of course, just posting because I have a problem...

We got a new dog this past weekend from a rescue. She's dominant with other dogs (though doesn't show it much) and ended up biting my other, fairly submissive, dog (he's doing fine). They played great together for 3 days before the incident, and she's been fine with him since, but… My wife doesn't trust her now, so..

She needs a new home.. She needs a home with a larger (70lbs) dominant dog or a home without a dog. She's a layabout, but gets frisky, loves water, listens off leash to even my kids and is the sweetest thing. Chocolate lab mix.. possibly with some rottie or terrier, but dunno.

Need a home by this weekend or she'll need to go to a shelter until we find somewhere perm for her.

Family moved to Hawaii and couldn't take her because of import laws. They had a baby and the dog was fine. Also was raised with other dogs (they got her as a puppy), so the bite was just a dominance thing. I trust her with my kids (sleeps in the bed with my 8 year old) but just not with my 55lb lab mix that is too submissive and small for her.

Let me know if you know anyone who can help out. Email me and I'll send you some pictures, too.